Plain Sails- Scars

Plain Sails

Out Now

There is an underrated pleasure in hearing a track for the first time and realising that you’ve found a new favourite band. That feeling happened to me most recently when I was sent the new track Plain Sails track ‘Scars’.

Unknown to me before this, I have absolutely no doubt that this band are moving on to bigger and better things.

Scars is a euphoria drenched stadium anthem in the making. A rousing and defiant message, Scars, in the words of frontman Andy, “is a message of hope and support, whilst highlighting the fear of exposing the parts of ourselves that are less than perfect. A discussion about the demons we all hide. The wounds, internal & external, that we see as ugly & feel insecure about. It’s about not being ashamed of these aspects of ourselves”.

A valiant message and track to really stir the senses. Play it loud and on repeat.

Heading out on a series of shows across the UK with more dates to come, info about Plain Sails live shows can be found on their social media via Facebook and Twitter. See you down the front.


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